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US Department of Defense to Establish its Own AI

On August 10th, the US Department of Defense announced the formation of an operational group named “Lima” for the study and creation of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

This new unit will focus on integrating AI technologies into the country’s security system.

According to the agency’s statement, the goal of “Lima” is to utilize large language models to enhance political relations, defense capabilities, and combat potential.

Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks noted that the group will also counter potential threats originating from artificial intelligence.

“Lima” will be led by the Chief of Digital and Artificial Intelligence, established in June 2022. The mission will be headed by US Navy Captain Manuel Xavier Lugo.

The creation of this operational group may be related to tensions between the United States and China in the field of artificial intelligence technology.

On August 9th, President Joe Biden signed an executive order designating the PRC, Hong Kong, and Macau as sources of concern. Investments in technology in these regions will be regulated and restricted.

Recall that news of the creation of a dedicated AI group first emerged in April. According to US Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the decision is linked to the risks of tools like ChatGPT amidst their growing popularity.

Previously, American authorities issued a declaration about the use of artificial intelligence in the armed forces, including “human responsibility.”

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