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Threads – a new social network, like Twitter

Threads is Mark Zuckerberg’s new social network, similar to Twitter. In Threads, you can microblog by adding photos and text posts of up to 500 characters. Download the app from the App Store and Google Play.

What is Threads?

Threads is a social network that allows users to publish short posts of up to 500 characters, similar to Twitter. Apart from the mobile app, Threads has an official website. For now, through the site you can only view user profiles and their posts, which in Russian are called threads. Perhaps in the future the site will be fully functional, and access will be provided gradually.

Threads functionality and interface

The Threads application has 5 tabs.

  • 1 window – window with subscribers’ publications and global recommendations
  • 2 window – search for profiles of people you know.
  • 3 window – Creating a new post, a new thread. Images, videos or text
  • 4 window – reactions: likes and subscriptions
  • 5 window – profile settings

How do I download and install the Threads app on my iPhone?

  • Go to AppStore
  • Enter “threads” in search field
  • Download the Threads app
  • Register via your Instagram profile

How do I download and install the Threads app on Android?

  • Go to Google Play
  • Enter “threads” in search field
  • Download the Threads app
  • Sign up via your Instagram profile

How do I register for Threads?

Social network registration is available for Instagram* users. First you sign in to Instagram, then go to Threads and sign in with your Instagram account.

Threads will pull up all the information about you from Insta*, fill in your profile header and find followers.

Threads features

Unified feed

While Twitter allows you to see recommendations and a feed of your subscriptions, in Threads the feed currently looks like a mix of “tweets” from celebrities, unknown people and Mark Zuckerberg. Of course, it’s designed to have something to browse, but in the future you probably won’t be interested in users’ Arabic-language posts.

Works only on smartphones

In the browser version, you can browse the profile you’re interested in and that’s it. All the basic functionality is only available in the Threads mobile app.

But generally speaking, we’re used to leaf through your memsik and newsfeed in the evening and nobody needs a computer any more.

No information about trends

It’s too early to talk about the possibilities of analytics or advertising, but it’s certainly worth taking advantage of the trend, at least for a few days.

No personal messaging

The possibility for full-fledged communication, as in Direct, does not yet exist. However, this may be added in the future.

Verification ticks

Verification ticks are purchased for a monthly fee, as with Twitter.

Initial version

Mark Zuckerberg called this the initial version, so there’s no point in expecting much functionality – Instagram has been under development for several years in its current form.

Adding photos, videos and links to Threads

In publications on this platform you can add photos and videos up to 5 minutes long, as well as embed links to external resources. Unfortunately, hashtags are not currently supported. They can’t be clicked and you can’t search for them either.

Trites can be published on Instagram – posts can be published both in the main feed and in storis. They are automatically designed with a Threads-style background (white or dark, depending on the chosen theme on your smartphone).

Differences of Threads from Twitter

Threads strongly resembles Twitter before the changes made by social network owner Elon Musk. Users can post short text messages and photos with videos – up to 10.

Posts are limited to 500 characters – on Twitter the limit was first 140, then 280 characters and now Twitter Blue subscribers can write long texts.

Tracks can be created from posts by linking them together in the same thread, similar to how classic Twitter does it. Retweets and quotes are possible, as well as commenting on posts.

Currently, the Threads app does not have a clear division into an algorithmic feed with recommendations and a chronological feed with friends’ posts. Instead, a single feed is available, bringing together posts from both your followers and “interesting accounts” recommended by the social network.

Threads is already tightly integrated with Instagram* at an early stage. Even when you sign up, you can get all your data from there and pre-subscribe to all your followers: you’ll show up in their subscriptions when they also sign up. Threads makes it easy to share tracks in your posts, and it’s also easy to find a link to another user’s Instagram in your profile.

In addition, when you sign up to Threads, a badge link automatically appears on Instagram. According to Meta, this is a temporary notification that the user is on the company’s new social network.

Threads for business and personal brand

At the start of any high-profile project, you can quickly build up a base of subscribers and increase brand awareness of a business or individual.

So sign up to Threads and start posting content as long as the feed shows posts to a wide audience.

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