Semrush Review: the leading service for SEO and PPC promotion

The SEMRush platform offers the capability to perform SEO analysis on both your own website and those of your competitors. It provides valuable insights into traffic, advertising strategies, and estimated budgets of third-party websites. While primarily designed for SEO professionals to aid in the planning of optimization processes, SEMRush can also be utilized by website owners to conduct audits. These audits help identify issues that may adversely affect their sites, such as HTML tag errors, missing meta descriptions, broken links, and duplicated content.

What is SEMRush

Founded in 2008, SEMRush initially served as a platform exclusively dedicated to competitor analysis. Today, it has evolved into a comprehensive resource that caters to experts in SEO, digital marketing, SMM (Social Media Marketing), and Google Ads. This versatile tool offers a wide array of functionalities. Users can build their semantic core, dissect competitors’ strategies in contextual advertising, monitor search engine rankings, assess backlinks, identify technical website issues, and discover trending social media posts, among other features.

SEMRush provides access to its suite of tools through what it refers to as “projects.” Within these projects, users gain access to over 10 specialized tools designed for enhancing SEO, managing website promotions, optimizing contextual campaigns, and streamlining social media efforts.

It is worth noting that SEMRush has no analogues in the SEO/PPC area in many respects.

One of the features of SEMRush is its ability to identify low-frequency keywords thanks to a database of over 95 million words. At the same time, the service promises the freshest results possible. The data is presented in a form that is easy to use by specialists:

  • Similar keywords separately
  • Exact keywords separately
  • Access to the tops for certain words

To start working with the platform, you need to register. To do this, click on the Sign Up button and go to the registration page. In the form, enter your email, password, accept the terms of use, click on the Create an account button, and wait for an email. Use it to confirm your registration and then go to the control panel.

Functionality SemRush

  • Website audit
  • Monitoring of website positions
  • Analysis of backlinks
  • Keyword tracking and analysis
  • Clustering of the semantic core
  • Lead generation
  • Analysis of competitors, estimation of the budget of their advertising campaigns
  • Work with advertisements
  • Reports
  • Traffic analysis
  • Tracking the popularity of links
  • API

Semrush Report

SEMRush provides its users with the flexibility to generate custom reports featuring up to 200 widgets and encompassing 50 essential marketing metrics. Additionally, the platform offers a set of 12 pre-designed reports for your convenience.

Creating a personalized report is a straightforward process, thanks to the user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality. After you’ve tailored your report template to your preferences, you can effortlessly schedule automatic report deliveries, streamlining your reporting process.

SEO functions in SemRush

SEMRush offers a wide range of tools for SEO website promotion.

Keyword Analysis

To get information about a keyword, enter it in the upper field and click the Search button.

The generated report will contain data on the number of queries and search results, the cost per click on an ad, and the distribution of CPC by geo, similar, and related keys. It will also show the Google tops and the content of contextual ads.

Building a link profile

In the Link Building block, click the Set up button. Here you need to specify the keys for the website or leave the ones that the service has selected for you.

Go to the Competitors section, specify competitors’ projects. The list will already contain some domains from the Google top 10. If you don’t see the competitor you need, you can enter its name in one of the fields.

After that, you need to click the Start Link Building button and wait for the data to be generated and analyzed. This process can be tracked by the loading scale in the upper right corner of the page.

On Page SEO Checker Semrush

Enter the website domain and click on the Get Ideas button.

In the window that opens, select the country, region, and city. Specify the device – smartphone or computer. Click Continue.

The service will analyze and provide a list of pages that need to be optimized for the keywords. You can accept this list or upload it manually, from a file, organic search results, or Google Search Console.

Then click “Save and retrieve ideas”.

Analysis of competitors’ websites

Within SEMRush, you have the flexibility to employ various functions to gather specific insights, or you can input a domain address in the Overview tab to access comprehensive site data.

This report will furnish you with valuable insights, including traffic data from advertising and organic search results, backlink details, and keyword information categorized by country and ranking position.

Furthermore, you’ll gain insights into competitor sites, complete with visual positioning maps, a breakdown of branded versus non-branded traffic, and more.

Below this, you’ll discover the same data presented in a contextual manner. This includes top keywords, competitors in Google Ads, distribution of positions, ad examples, backlinks, commonly used anchors, and more.


The Set Up button in the Social Media Tracker block will take you to the social media pages of the analyzed website. If these pages cannot be found automatically, you can specify them manually.

  1. To do this, go to the Let us connect tab and connect the service to your social media accounts;
  2. In the Competitors section, you can specify competitors’ domains;
  3. In the Email reports tab, you can set up scheduled emails to be sent to you;
  4. When the settings are complete, click the green button at the bottom of the window.

To view all posts found for a specific period, go to the section with the name of the connected social network or click the View all social media name posts button. By default, posts from the last month are displayed, but you can request data for any period by selecting the appropriate settings.

Cross-posting on Social Media

  • In the Social Media Poster section, click the Set up button;
  • Connect to the social networks in which you want to post;
  • Select the groups for posting and add them to the poster by clicking the Save button.

The user will be offered three functions:

  • Start Posting;
  • See my posting calendar;
  • Dive into profile analytics.

Select the required item and start working.

To view the analytics, click on the third block, where the report is placed on the corresponding page. It will show you how many likes the group has, what time the audience is online, what geographies it comes from, what language it speaks, and what the ratio of women to men is.

Advertising functions Semrush

Researching keywords and competitors’ marketing activities will help you create a working advertising campaign.

Pricing SemRush

The service offers three tariff plans: Pro, Guru, and Business. Also, for large enterprises, it is possible to select options on an individual basis in consultation with the site managers.


The main advantage of SEMRush is its usefulness and functionality. It frees online marketers from unnecessary hassle, gives them the right direction for all SEO promotion, and tracks important website metrics – from backlinks to organic traffic. Moreover, all these functions are provided on one platform, which eliminates the need to purchase each of them separately.

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