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Pin-Up Partners: How to Start Earning Money

Pin-Up Partners is a direct advertiser in the gambling and betting industry that promotes the gambling brand of the same name. The affiliate promises webmasters license offers, a high envelope, and the possibility of receiving long-term payments.

About Pin-Up Partners

Pin-Up gambling brand, which webmasters are offered to promote as part of the affiliate program, is actively developing all over the world. Thanks to this, partners can promote the product in Asia, South and North America, the CIS countries, and many other popular geographies.

The affiliate program accepts various traffic sources, except for those that violate the law. At the same time, specific types of traffic, such as targeted, caper, tow, and other traffic, can only be used within the RevShare model.

Cooperation with partners is based on the following payment models:

  • CPA – from $25 to $50 (depending on the geographical location);
  • RevShare – up to 50%;
  • Hybrid model – individual terms and conditions available at the partner’s request.

The advertiser undertakes to provide webmasters with everything necessary for convenient cooperation, including unique promotional materials, detailed statistics, a convenient personal account, and support from a personal manager.

Offers and GEO at Pin-Up Partners

The affiliate promotes two key offers: the Pin-Up Casino and the Pin-Up Bet bookmaker. These are modern gambling platforms that are characterized by a large bonus program, simple registration, and official licenses at the regional level. The advertiser promises that its product is the best in the CIS due to a recognizable brand and high-quality service.

Indeed, judging by the reviews posted online, many arbitrage specialists are satisfied with both Pin-Up and geo offers for their promotion. According to one of the partners, if you are going to invest in gambling, it should be this affiliate program, as it brings the best results compared to other gambling programs.

In their reviews, some arbitrage specialists openly call the Pin-Up brand the best in the CIS. In their opinion, this offer allows to achieve high conversions almost regardless of geo.

At the same time, we managed to find a lot of negative feedback about Pin-Up offers and geo-fencing that the affiliate offers to work with. One of the webmasters claims that he has previously worked with similar affiliates in the gambling industry and received income 2-3 times higher than Pin-Up. However, he did not manage to achieve high envelopes with the presented offers and available geos.

It is also interesting that in one of the reviews, the webmaster complains about the service of the Pin-Up casino itself, which, in his opinion, led to the departure of attracted customers. Many of the players he attracted were unable to withdraw their winnings because the support service requested a photo every week to verify the customer’s identity. Accordingly, such players did not make repeated deposits, and the traffic was eventually recognized as motivated.

Customer Support Service

The affiliate promises webmasters professional assistance from a personal manager, and 24/7.

In their reviews, arbitrage specialists point out that each affiliate is assigned a personal manager who can be contacted even at night. At the same time, the manager helps not only to solve current technical difficulties but also gives advice on the choice of geo, selection of working connections, ordering individual creatives, and other important issues. In their feedback, webmasters always thank the support team and note that managers always meet their needs and help partners under any circumstances.

Most of the webmasters’ opinions in the reviews come down to a single denominator: the support team works efficiently and quickly, and it takes a minimum of time to resolve any issues, even non-standard ones. Affiliates are satisfied with the support service of Pin-Up Partners, which is certainly an important advantage of the program.

Partner remuneration at Pin-Up Affiliates

The rules of the affiliate program state that webmasters are paid every two weeks: from the 1st to the 15th day of the month and from the 15th to the 30th-31st. After the end of the reporting period, arbitrageurs receive their payments within three working days. The minimum withdrawal amount is $15.

As the analysis of reviews has shown, Pin-Up Partners has serious difficulties in working with arbitrageurs in terms of remuneration payment. Many negative reviews confirm that not every webmaster will be able to establish good partnerships with the program. Nevertheless, there are those lucky ones who have successfully received payments from Pin-Up Partners and continued to work with it. Unfortunately, they are in the minority.

Pros and Cons of Pin-Up Partners

It is difficult to single out the undoubted advantages of the affiliate program, but based on the few positive reviews, they are still there:

  • a prestigious well-known brand in gambling and betting;
  • the ability to work with different geographies and increase the rate depending on the chosen region
  • availability of different traffic payment models;
  • high envelope;
  • acceptance of almost all traffic sources.

Otherwise, the work of affiliates is accompanied by rather contradictory reviews, which include

  • questionable work of support managers, who can both provide high-quality service and ignore partners in case of failure to receive payments;
  • a lot of negative feedback from partners who have not received a well-deserved reward.


Pin-Up Partners is a rather controversial program that has managed to collect a large number of negative reviews from indignant partners on the Web. It’s hard to say for sure whether you should contact this advertiser, as many webmasters warn about the dishonesty of its work. Nevertheless, the program has a number of important advantages that may not completely cover its disadvantages, but still become an incentive for many affiliates to start cooperation.

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