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How to launch Google Ads for Gambling

Google Ads is the largest contextual advertising service, and affiliate programs, including those in the gambling vertical, like to get traffic from it. However, despite the high efficiency of using this tool, it requires complex settings and faces high competition. Moreover, it will be difficult to start earning from this source without initial investments and experience in digital marketing.

Difficulties in working with Google Ads

Working with Google Ads is primarily associated with difficulties in numerous settings in the advertising account.

Moreover, the competition for popular keywords (from 10 thousand per month) does not tolerate even minor mistakes. Since the demand for gambling-related keywords is high, they often have a high CPC. This can significantly increase the cost of advertising campaigns. That is why it is recommended to use low-frequency queries – 5-7 thousand per month at first.

You should not suddenly make changes to keywords or increase your budget. New keys should be added gradually – 1-2 per day. And it is better to increase the budget as recommended by Google itself. Too much activity can attract the attention of robots, which increases the risk of account blocking.
If we talk about changing the payment method and logging in from another device, it is almost a guaranteed ban.

Many countries have legislation that strictly regulates gambling and its advertising. It can significantly limit or even completely prohibit the promotion of gambling platforms (the list of restrictions can be found in Google Help). Google also has its own rules and restrictions in this area, and violation of them entails additional problems for the arbitrator. When launching campaigns in such countries, the algorithms will block not by key queries, but by the advertised resource. Therefore, you can only launch in such geos with a cloak.

It’s also worth remembering that Google Ads uses a neural network, which reduces the need for moderators to intervene during verification. It is important to avoid creating all accounts in the same way, as the system can recognize this “handwriting” and block all accounts. From time to time, Google conducts massive sweeps that cannot be influenced, so you just need to wait until they are over.

Advantages of Google Ads for Online Casino Promotion

Large arbitration teams always have several traffic sources at their disposal to reduce the risk of bans and find new connections. Google Ads is a leading source of traffic as it provides high-quality and valuable traffic, and the rational use of accounts on this platform allows you to get large limits.

Among the advantages of working with the advertising platform are:

  • The ability to get relevant traffic using key queries and reduce the cost of traffic compared to other sources.
  • The combination with SEO promotion helps to minimize traffic costs and improves the ranking of the site in organic search.
  • Accounts can exist for a long period of time and have large limits.

Tools for promoting Blackhat Gambling niche in Google Ads

Tools for promoting Blackhat Gambling niche in Google Ads

If you work with a large number of accounts, you will need the following tools:

Anti-detection Browser

It is an alternative web browser that replaces fingersprints to ensure the anonymity of the webmaster. Anti-detection is an important element in working with Google Ads because if you create several accounts from one computer and one of them gets banned, the others can also be detected and blocked.

Proxy for Google Ads

This is a service that acts as an intermediary between the user and the target website and is designed to change the IP address and other parameters of the proxy server, as well as to bypass anti-fraud systems. The geo proxy must match the geo of the account. When you log in again, it is important to check the IP address to make sure it matches the previous geolocation.

Accounts for Google Ads

It is important to have a sufficient number of accounts to work with, dozens and dozens of them. You should not interrupt the work on their creation, as some of them may be blocked, some will be in the process of warming up, and only a certain part will be active.

There are several types of accounts, each of which has its own characteristics:

  • Live Gmail accounts – have a higher level of trust, are easier to work with, but from time to time they can unpredictably unlink for unknown reasons.
  • Self-registered accounts are accounts that the webmaster registers himself. Their creation requires only the cost of SMS services, but Google’s trust in them is lower. It depends on the history of activity, because the longer the history, the more trust Google has in them.
  • Renting Google accounts – this method is not very popular due to its unreliability, as there is a high probability of getting an account block for violating the platform rules. It is important to keep in mind that the activity history of such accounts should be less than six months.
  • Ready-made accounts with a credit limit – these accounts are registered using bank cards. Usually, they are used to merge the credit limit from the card to which the account is registered and then abandoned.

Cloaking for Google Ads

Google Ads allows gambling and betting ads only if they comply with the laws of a particular region and Google’s rules. Advertisers must be certified by Google and provide local licenses. If the legislation provides for certain restrictions, it means that special software – cloak – will be required. The use of cloak helps to launch gray offers, increase conversion and ROI.

It shows moderators white landing pages and ads, and directs potential users directly to an online casino or betting platform.

When creating a prelisting, you should use only high-quality first-level trust domains. Second- and third-level domains can reduce trust. It is better to use a domain or a website with a history so that Google is more loyal to the campaign.

How to work with Google Ads Accounts

It is important to note that Google has higher proxy requirements than Facebook, so it is better not to skimp on these expenses. Google Ads accounts are divided into prepaid and postpaid. If your account is banned, it becomes very problematic to get a refund, so it is recommended to choose postpaid accounts. As for cards, it is important to link one account to one card. Changing the means of payment, as mentioned above, can have consequences.

It is extremely important to warm up your account. Launching a campaign right away from gray sites guarantees a ban, so it is recommended to first set up a $15-20 campaign on a white site and let it sit for a while. Then you can proceed to launch the main campaign.

Google Ads also pays attention to the domains to which traffic is merged. Thus, it is better to choose domains from the tier-1 zone, as they are less suspicious. Moreover, you should use domains with a disconnect. Domains that have already been blocked cannot be reused.

How to Advertise Gambling with Google Ads

There are two main approaches to driving traffic to gambling offers:

  • Traffic drainage from competitors. Arbitrageurs use keywords that users enter to search for specific competitive brands. This traffic has a high conversion rate because users are already interested in this type of service and are not necessarily tied to a particular brand. However, it is worth noting that this method is not very honest.
  • Drain traffic from queries to the brand of your offer. This approach involves creating an advertising campaign for your own brand. For effective advertising, not only keywords with the brand name are used, but also related variants, such as “casino reviews”, “casino payouts”, “gambling”, “popular casinos”, “gambling”, etc.

In this approach, it is also important to use negative keywords, i.e. words and phrases that will not be displayed in the search results. Skillfully selected negative keywords can improve the effectiveness of a campaign. You can collect the semantic core and negative keywords using Google Ads directly. This feature becomes available when you create an ad campaign.

Some affiliate programs do not allow traffic that is directed to their brand because they believe that webmasters are taking away some of their traffic.

The main advantage of Google Ads is that with the right approach to accounts, they can run for months without blocking.


So, with gambling, Google Ads will make webmasters sweat. After all, there is nothing easy in this vertical at all. However, the main advantage of Google Ads is that with the right approach to accounts, they can work without blocking for months. And this will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of the service without hindrance.

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