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How to create a funnel for launching ads on a gambling website from Facebook

The correct setup of an advertising campaign on Facebook is a key prerequisite for the effective presence of a gambling platform in the online environment. This advertising platform provides unique opportunities to accurately hit the target audience and encourage it to interact with the gambling resource. However, the successful launch of gambling advertising requires more than just creating ads and setting a budget. An important step is to develop a proper funnel that will lead the audience from the first contact to specific actions.

Types of audience at each stage of the funnel

Facebook Ads helps to customize targeting to users at all stages of the path to a regular customer:

  • The first stage (cold audience) – those who do not yet know about the brand of an online casino or betting site.
  • The second stage (warm audience) is users who know about the gambling portal and have shown some interest.
  • The third stage (hot audience) is very interested players who have shared their contact information and want to learn more or try to play.
  • The fourth stage is satisfied customers who like the gambling platform so much that they visit it regularly, make deposits, and play.

Facebook’s Funnel Steps

The funnel helps to direct users from the first contact with the brand to the performance of a specific action. Thus, creating a funnel for launching a gambling-focused advertising campaign on Facebook includes several stages:

  1. Determination of the target action. Here you should choose a specific action that users should perform after viewing an ad. It can be filling out a contact form, registering on the website, making a deposit, installing, starting a game, etc.
  2. Create an advertising campaign in Facebook Ads Manager:
  • Here you should define the campaign goal according to the target action (for example, “App downloads” or “Traffic”).
  • Set audience parameters, including geolocation, age, interests, etc.

Important! Very often, business owners try to save their marketing budget by using only conversion campaigns. At the same time, they do not allocate resources to warm up the audience and increase awareness, which is a serious oversight.

  1. Create a funnel audience:
  • Use the “Funnels” feature in the audience settings to create a sequence of audiences for each stage of the funnel.
  • The first stage can reach a broader audience that is generally interested in gambling, and the subsequent stages can reach those who have shown more interest or performed certain actions.
  1. Create advertising sets for each audience:
  • You need to divide the audience into different ad sets to be able to customize ads for each stage of the funnel.
  1. Create ads:
  • Creating ads with eye-catching images, titles, and descriptions will grab the audience’s attention and encourage them to perform the targeted action.

Important! You should grab the user’s attention with creativity within the first three seconds of the video. Streamers that will captivate players with their reactions, demonstration of instant money transfer in the personal account and bank notifications, demonstration of a top slot, bonus for downloading the app, etc. can help to do this. A cool creative will do all the work.

  1. Creation of landing pages:
  • Each stage of the funnel requires a corresponding landing page with content that will interest the audience and convince them to register and make a deposit.

Important! It’s also worth noting that a relevant sales funnel implies a well-designed creative in the same style as the app, and the app design should match the landing page design.

  1. Tracking results and optimization:
  • You should use Facebook pixel or other tracking tools to analyze the effectiveness of each stage of the funnel.
  • Make adjustments to ad campaigns based on the results to achieve better performance.


In general, the creation of a Facebook gambling advertising funnel involves detailed planning, setting up audiences, creating effective ads and landing pages, as well as constant tracking of results and optimization.

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