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What is the difference between PPC and UAC traffic

The choice between PPC and UAC depends primarily on the advertiser’s specific business goals, audience, and budget. Many companies also experiment and use both types of traffic to achieve maximum effect. These are different areas that require different approaches, but both are aimed at results: PPC for conversions, UAC for downloads and in-app activity.

What is Google Ads PPC Traffic Source

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a payment model in online advertising where an advertiser pays for a click on an advert. The goal of such an ad is to encourage the user viewing it to go to the advertiser’s website or app, where they can perform a targeted action, such as buy a product, deposit, place a bet, etc.
Search engines are the most popular advertising platforms for PPC campaigns. They allow you to display ads that are directly related to what users are looking for. Advertising services, such as Google Ads and Bing Ads, operate in real-time, where advertising space is sold in a private, automated auction using data that is being generated right now.

Every time an ad space appears on a search engine results page, an instant auction is held for the keyword. A combination of several factors, including the number of bids and the quality of the ad, determines the winner, who will be ranked first in the search results.
Auctions start when a user launches a search on a search engine. If there are advertisers interested in displaying ads related to the user’s search query, the auction is held for the keywords that advertisers bid on. Ads that win the auction appear on the search engine results page.

To participate in these auctions, accounts on platforms such as Google Ads are used to set up ads and determine where and when these ads should appear.
The payout for PPC webmasters is one of the largest among all permitted traffic sources. Of course, it is not the most popular, but payments for the audience attracted by this model can reach $100, $200, and more. And by choosing PPC, advertisers can be sure that they pay only for those users who have visited their website.

What is Google UAC Traffic Source

Google UAC is a traffic source that is used exclusively for mobile applications. Today, it can be used to drive traffic to almost all verticals. Ads are displayed in search, on YouTube, Google Play, and on the pages of Google’s partner websites. Accordingly, the traffic volumes here are simply staggering.
UAC uses machine learning and Google’s algorithms to optimise impressions and engage the target audience. The advertiser provides information about their app, budget, and goals, and the algorithms automatically optimise ad impressions, set bids, select the best placement sites, and adjust campaign results.

In pay-per-click campaigns, marketers can set up stop words and targeting, while UAC does not provide such options. And while machine learning works very well, it will take some time to identify the target audience of a particular app.

The problem with this approach also lies in strict moderation. Instead of a successful update, the application may be blocked along with the developer’s account. Of course, if a webmaster has dozens of reserved profiles, his losses will be insignificant, but newcomers may not recover from this.

The complete dependence on neural networks means that webmasters have virtually no tools to control the course of the campaign. They can only change bids or stop the spin completely. However, there is no guarantee that the algorithms will produce the same amount of traffic after they resume their work.

Despite the high frequency of bans, this does not stop arbitrageurs from working here. Excluding white verticals, the most popular are the following:

  • Gambling
  • Betting
  • Data Mining;
  • Bobile Utilities and Games;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Finance.

In general, Google UAC is a popular source in traffic arbitrage. It allows you to generate large volumes and get high-quality traffic with minimal effort, as the algorithms do the main work automatically.

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