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Free ways to promote on TikTok

TikTok is a platform with enormous opportunities. And if you use them properly, you can gain an audience and profit. That’s why channel owners should pay enough attention to its promotion and promotion. The most challenging aspect for a new author is to get the first subscribers without any financial investments. And there are different methods for this.

Preparing for promotion in TikTok

Like any other social network, TikTok has two types of traffic: paid and organic. You can launch paid advertising in the TikTok for Business advertising account. A well-thought-out strategy and constant activity will help to launch organic or conditionally free traffic. Then you can get under the attention of algorithms and get into recommendations.

To get started, you will need an account, and preferably many at once. You don’t even need to create them – you can just buy them. The most important thing to consider when buying accounts is that they should be registered in the same geo you plan to drive traffic to. To do this, you can use an anti-detection browser and set a proxy to the desired GEO.

Before starting a campaign, each account must earn the trust of the network. Therefore, within a few days after its creation, you need to watch videos and like them like regular users do. This way, TikTok bots will not have any suspicions about the profile.

After such pumping, you can start warming up your account by uploading videos. The content should be selected depending on the topic of the chosen offer and the target audience. In a few days, you can start adding videos to your offer. You can record them yourself or download them from free stocks and process them in video editors.

You can also download videos from YouTube or Instagram, but you’ll need to make sure to customize them in the same video editors: you can change the video speed, mirror it, or add a filter or noise. You should also spice up the video with trendy music that is appropriate for the age group for which the content is being prepared. Posts and videos should be published in the language of the country they are targeting.

Before promoting a video, you should also warm up other accounts by building up interactions between them, which will also increase the level of trust to the page from TikTok moderators. Then, using these accounts, you can promote your posts through likes and comments.

Approaches to Account Promotion

So, to promote a TikTok account, you have to work hard. Gathering an active audience is not so easy. It is naïve to hope that the first video you edit in a hurry will bring a lot of traffic. Organic traffic on TikTok is as difficult to get as from any other source. Nevertheless, given the specifics of the social network, many arbitrageurs have managed to attract a lot of leads to their offers by using a number of methods.

Create a content plan for TikTok

Promotion on TikTok is impossible without a content plan. It will allow you to organize the process of creating videos, as well as help you keep your audience interested, increase the number of subscribers and views, and analyze the results of promotion. To create an effective content plan, you need to define the target audience, topics and content formats, frequency of publications, and create a publication calendar.

Video clips in TikTok

If a website chooses TikTok for arbitrage, it will definitely have to create commercials that encourage users to click on the link. Moreover, the recommendation system on which the platform operates does not provide for an increase in the subscriber base. They will be shown this ad anyway if the video is of interest to the audience.

Also, arbitrageurs face difficulties in gaining views, as algorithms do not allow posting the same content on the platform several times. This is where uniqueness comes in handy.

Massfollowing and Massliking

One of the easiest ways to attract attention on a social network is to massively subscribe to and react to other people’s content using special services. The user will receive a notification about such actions from the outside, and they will probably be interested in their source (i.e., the person who liked or subscribed). It is quite possible that they will also take a similar action in response.
However, the platform tries to combat these phenomena and sets limits. Currently, there are limits of 500 likes and 200 follows per day.

Linkbuilding for TikTok

To make your TikTok promotion more effective, you can add links. It can be a link to a YouTube channel, Instagram account, app in Google Play or App Store, etc. Such links will make it easier for subscribers to contact the seller, order goods, or switch to other platforms. However, it is worth noting that you can only add one link. Therefore, it is important to choose the most important and relevant one.

Spam in comments

You can leave links in comments under popular videos and encourage users to use them. Such videos usually have very active discussions, so to draw attention to a comment with a link, it is often manually or automatically liked by users.

So, in order to increase ad views on TikTok, webmasters should:

  • come up with a catchy title;
  • make sure that the audience watches the video in full;
  • make it as easy and accessible as possible to argue why the user should click on the ad;
  • test creatives, spy on other webmasters, and refine them.

It’s better to add at least 3-4 videos at once, then choose the most popular one and order comments for it in a few hours. There are many services on the web where you can find performers for this task.

It’s worth noting that if you use pre-listing (for example, in a Telegram channel), the last post should be about the same product that is promoted in the video content. Firstly, this way, users won’t have to search for a product or service, and secondly, if they are interested in the content, they can subscribe to the channel and buy it in the future.


The essence of this method is to create a catchy headline to attract viewers and encourage them to subscribe to the channel. Everyone has probably seen commercials like “Subscribe if you love…” or “Like if you’re annoyed too”. Yes, it does annoy many people. However, in practice, this method works quite well.

Hashtags in TikTok

You shouldn’t forget about popular hashtags, as they are the ones that allow you to get into the recommendations. To find hashtags, all you need to do is open the most trending TikTok videos that have received millions of views and choose the right ones from there. The optimal number is from two to five. A larger number may be perceived as spam.

Popular music and trends in TikTok

Another way to promote yourself on TikTok is to use popular music and trends. Thanks to them, your video can get into recommendations and gain more reach. You can find current trends in the “Interesting” tab. As practice shows, subscribers often go to the list of all videos that use a particular music. And if you also make a video to this track, you can get every chance to attract an audience for free.

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