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ChatGPT-Generated Token AstroPepeX (APX) Surpasses $14 Million in Uniswap Trading Volume Overnight

In a surprising turn of events, a developer operating under the pseudonym CroissantEth has harnessed the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to automate the creation of tokens, resulting in the birth of the AstroPepeX (APX) meme token. This groundbreaking experiment has demonstrated the remarkable potential of combining artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology, with APX amassing an astonishing $14 million in trading volume on Uniswap within just 24 hours.

The Concept: AI-Powered Token Creation

The concept emerged from a desire to explore the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT when coupled with Ethereum’s smart contracts. Since ChatGPT couldn’t directly deploy tokens, CroissantEth ingeniously integrated the OpenAl API into his own application to bridge the gap.

The process involves ChatGPT generating Solidity programming language code and defining token parameters such as name and market offering. To create the name, ChatGPT utilizes data from the top 10,000 coins traded on Uniswap, aligning them with market capitalization data from CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Initially, ChatGPT generated some less-than-ideal names, including “FluffyUnicorn Coin.” However, after fine-tuning the data integration, the chatbot began producing names that displayed a profound understanding of crypto culture. Tokens like Inuverse and QuantumPepe, clear references to the popular meme coin Pepe and the concept of meta-universes, were launched in test mode.

CroissantEth expressed his amazement, saying, “The Pepe generation number looked pretty fun, and it was great to see GPT actually bring some real creativity to the data. It felt like it was growing a mind of its own.”

The Flexibility of Automation

Aside from the name, other token parameters, such as the issue volume, can be either manually configured or left to ChatGPT’s discretion, accommodating more complex setups.

Once a name is generated, the chatbot seamlessly passes it, along with a description, to another AI tool called DALL-E, which generates a corresponding image for the asset.

Revocable Ownership and Liquidity Provision

Importantly, CroissantEth’s solution ensures that ownership of ChatGPT-generated contracts can be immediately revoked. All tokens created are added to the liquidity pool on Uniswap, with a 2 ETH reserve.

AstroPepeX (APX): A Remarkable Debut

The first public coin created through this automated process was AstroPepeX (APX). The token’s trading volume on Uniswap exceeded an astonishing $14 million within the first 24 hours, with a total of $9.1 million traded in the last 24 hours (DEX Screener).

Inspiration from TURBO Memcoin

CroissantEth acknowledges that his project drew inspiration from the TURBO memcoin, which was launched in May through ChatGPT by digital artist Rhett Mankind and has since achieved a market capitalization exceeding $50 million. However, many aspects of token creation, such as naming and ownership rights, were not automated.

Minimal Human Intervention

According to CroissantEth, the ultimate goal of this endeavor is to minimize human intervention in the token creation process, showcasing the immense potential of combining AI and blockchain technology.

As the worlds of AI and blockchain continue to intersect, the possibilities for innovation and automation within the cryptocurrency space are seemingly limitless. The AstroPepeX (APX) token serves as a testament to the incredible feats that can be achieved when these two groundbreaking technologies collaborate. Stay tuned for more developments in this exciting space.

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