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Blogger Exposes Seed Phrases on YouTube, Loses $60,000, and Gets It Back

Brazilian YouTuber and owner of the Fraternidade Crypto YouTube channel, Ivan Bianco, fell victim to cryptocurrency and NFT theft totaling around $60,000 after inadvertently revealing seed phrases during a live YouTube stream. This incident teaches us an important lesson about cybersecurity and online vigilance.

Who Is Ivan Bianco?

Ivan Bianco is a renowned YouTube blogger and a blockchain gaming expert with approximately 34,000 subscribers on his channel. He has shared his knowledge and experiences with the community but became a victim of a theft that left him with substantial losses.

What Happened?

During one of his live streams in late August, Ivan was creating a new cryptocurrency wallet and, unfortunately, accidentally displayed seed phrases—sequences of words used to recover access to the wallet. Criminals swiftly exploited these seed phrases to gain access to his wallets.

Losses and Recovery

Within minutes, the criminals siphoned approximately $60,000 from his wallets. Initially, Ivan reported the incident to the police, but later received a message from an unknown individual via Discord, confessing to the theft and apologizing for it. Subsequently, most of the stolen funds, around $50,800 worth of MATIC, were returned to Ivan.

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