• Marketing NewsGoogle Ads is preparing to abandon the feature of automatic click price optimizations

    Google Ads is preparing to abandon the feature of automatic click price optimization

    Click price optimizer is one of the best strategies for webmasters. When Google phases it out, webmasters will have to shift to pure manual management and incorporate numerous micro-adjustments to attempt to achieve the same results, which can be quite a headache. However, Google has indicated alternative methods such as Target CPA and Target ROAS, asserting that they are viable…

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  • Facebook AdsHow to create a funnel for launching ads on a gambling website from Facebook

    How to create a funnel for launching ads on a gambling website from Facebook

    The correct setup of an advertising campaign on Facebook is a key prerequisite for the effective presence of a gambling platform in the online environment. This advertising platform provides unique opportunities to accurately hit the target audience and encourage it to interact with the gambling resource. However, the successful launch of gambling advertising requires more than just creating ads and…

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  • Antidetect BrowsersIndigo Browser Review Anti-Detect Browser for Arbitrage

    Indigo Browser Review

    The history of Indigo Browser began in 2018, when massive leaks from Facebook accounts were actively gaining popularity. Back then, a broad user base was already dabbling in certain anti-detection browsers, yet their caliber and user experience left much to be desired. Fast forward to the present, and Indigo has emerged as a reigning star in the anti-detection realm, especially…

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  • Marketing NewsUnveiling the Magic: The Power of Snapchat Video Ads

    Unveiling the Magic: The Power of Snapchat Video Ads

    In a world where our eyes consume 70% of the information we encounter, video advertising emerges as the enchanting medium that captivates attention like no other. And when it comes to your ad game on Snapchat, consider Snapchat Video Ads as your secret weapon, designed exclusively for the Snap-enthusiasts! Distinctively Different: Snapchat Video Ads stand apart from the Reels and…

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  • Crypto NewsFBI Seizes Cryptocurrencies Worth Nearly $1.7 Million

    FBI Seizes Cryptocurrencies Worth Nearly $1.7 Million

    Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping revelation as the cybercrime-busting heroes at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) put their mastery to the test from March to May 2023, yielding an astonishing haul of digital riches worth approximately $1.7 million! The haul included a staggering $147,000 in Bitcoins, a blazing $800,000 in Ethereum (ETH), a monumental $307,000 in USDT, a jaw-dropping…

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  • Crypto NewsAlex Chriss, has been selected as the new CEO of PayPal

    Alex Chriss, has been selected as the new CEO of PayPal

    Brace yourselves as the payment powerhouse, PayPal, gears up for a game-changing shift with Alex Chriss taking the helm as President and CEO. With a remarkable portfolio in technology and product prowess, Alex previously spearheaded Intuit’s small business and self-employed division, orchestrating an astonishing revenue surge of more than 20%. Mark your calendars for September 27, the day Alex Chriss…

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  • ConferencesThe CONVERSION CONF Meetup


    The CONVERSION CONF Meetup will feature four engaging speeches, focusing on various aspects of affiliate marketing practice. With two halls available, one dedicated to speeches and the other for networking, you’ll have wide opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. When: September 11th, 2023, at 7 pm.Where: Reduta Banku Polskiego, Warsaw, Poland. Here is a list of the top speakers: Jane…

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  • Crypto NewsTxbit Crypto Exchange Ceases Operations Amid Market Changes

    Crypto Exchange Txbit to Shut Down Due to ‘Unfavorable Market Conditions

    In a significant development for the crypto community, Txbit, the Netherlands-based cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its decision to halt trading and close down its operations starting from September 14th. This move comes as the exchange navigates uncertain regulatory conditions and unfavorable shifts in the market. The company shared that escalating compliance expenses and continuous pressure on profit margins have made…

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  • Crypto NewsCoinDesk Takes Measures Ahead of Sale: Cuts Staff by 45%

    CoinDesk Takes Measures Ahead of Sale: Cuts Staff by 45%

    Big changes are on the horizon for CoinDesk, a prominent cryptocurrency media platform. In light of its parent company Digital Currency Group’s (DCG) plans to sell the project, CoinDesk has undergone a significant workforce reduction, letting go of 45% of its editorial team. The move is aimed at securing the company’s financial stability as it prepares for this crucial transition.…

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  • Crypto NewsCrypto Fund Inflows Rebound

    Crypto Fund Inflows Rebound

    The week spanning from August 5 to 11 witnessed a positive turnaround in the realm of cryptocurrency investment products, with an influx of $28.5 million compared to the $107 million outflow registered the previous week, according to insights shared by CoinShares analysts. This reversal marks a notable departure from the negative trajectory that persisted for three consecutive weeks. Experts attribute…

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